Community Efforts

Guide Right

Guide Right encompasses many of our youth-oriented programs such as mentoring, college preparatory programs, and tutoring. However, the Flagship Initiative of the Guide Right Service Program is the Kappa Leadership Development League (Kappa League).


Guide Right is a program of the educational and occupational guidance of youth, primarily inspirational and informative in character. The purposes of the Guide Right Service Program is to place the training experience and friendly interest of successful men at the disposal of youth needing inspiration and counsel regarding their choice of a life’s career, and to arouse the interest of the entire community in the problems of youth as they seek to realize lives of usefulness.

Kappa League

Kappa League is a subset of the Guide Right, our National Service Initiative. The program was designed to help young men grow, receive, and develop their leadership talents in every phase of human endeavor. It provided both challenging and rewarding experiences, which richly enhanced their lives.

Kappa League was founded on Thursday, February 12, 1969, by the Los Angeles Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., at Alain LeRoy Locke High School. Kappa League was adopted by the Grand Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. at the 56th Grand Chapter which was held August 12-15, 1970. The founders of the Kappa Instructional Leadership League were Mel L. Davis an Elder Watson Diggs Awardee and Edgar H. Bishop.

Kappa League is a program for the educational, occupational and social guidance of male students in grades 6th-12th.

Lawrencenville-Duluth (GA) Alumni Chapter Kappa League Website

National Kappa League Website


We support programs focused on student achievement, self- awareness, communication, engagement, networking and developmental skills. Our scholarship program has awarded over $200,000 to Gwinnett County, Georgia seniors with high scholastic standing and a demonstrated passion for serving their community.


  • Kappa League Scholarship Program

  • LDAC Annual Scholarship Program

  • Supports the AAMI/Elite Scholars Program – Georgia Gwinnett College

Veterans Assistance Program

Our Veterans Assistance program (VAP) was established with the goal of the Foundation to offer programs and services related to the needs of Veterans. Veterans have made an important contribution to the Gwinnett community by their service in the Armed Forces.